Johnny Latebloom is a travelling songwriter, roaming the earth, looking for places, people and their stories. He travels the world by train, VW bus and by foot and never stands still. Being of German ancestors, he sees himself as a world citizen, being a part of a huge, breathing and vibrant system.

He combines traditional songwriting with sound design, soundscapes, musique conrète and silent-video. His shows take place in special environments, such as churches, factories, abandoned buildings, old trucks or the local bookstore.

He has a formal music education: He studied Recording Arts and Songwriting at Berklee College of Music. He also studied Art Analogue Coaching, a combination of art and system theory at Medical School Hamburg.

He also teaches Songwriting for BA and MA students at Medical School Hamburg and is a freelance lecturer for Sound Design and Phenomenological Music Composing.

He worked with artists, such as: The Sunjays, LLights, Digger Barnes, Philipp Hochmair and many more…

He also works as a theatre musician at Schauspielhaus Hamburg and other companies.